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liveJoy is the powerful, life-changing process of revealing and releasing restricting thoughts and beliefs while restoring truth and light, personal freedom and peace. In a 60-minute appointment, we will reveal what restricting belief keeps you from living in joy and allow you to experience the empowering peace and freedom you feel when beliefs are based on truth and light.

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live Joy is the powerful, life-changing process of revealing and releasing negative thoughts and beliefs along with their restrictions and self-sabotaging challenges. Limiting beliefs are easily and quickly replaced with principles of truth and light, restoring the power of your true identity, providing greater personal freedom and allowing immediate access to peace and joy.

Melanie Kasper is a certified Life Coach, Mentor, and instructor who has been sharing her unique blend of skills and training over the past 15 years.  Her practice, “live Joy Mentoring”, includes personal development training, group mentoring and workshop training classes.

Celebrating over 40 years of marriage, seven amazing sons and 15 grandchildren, Melanie is very real, unvarnished and down to earth and her entire practice is foundationally built upon Christ-centered principles of truth and light. She is intensely committed to serving and helping people uncover a richer, fuller more rewarding life experience to live joy.