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You feel the need to help, now learn how…

You know that feeling… the one where you wish you knew how to support your sister or spouse or best friend, but you are uncertain about what to do and wonder if you have the insight and capacity to help them.

Or maybe you’re the kind of person that others come to looking for advice or counsel and you don’t have the confidence to tell them what you are thinking or feeling.

If you have had reoccurring experiences like these, have you wondered about becoming a certified Life Coach?

Become a Certified Life Coach

Take our focused life coaching certification course to start making a difference today!

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In becoming a certified Life Coach from Live Joy Academy, you will receive:

Training & Certification

Personalized Faith-based Life Coach Training and Certification in 14 clearly defined lesson plans, including what to do and what not to do for others and how to establish your practice as a Life Coach and Mentor.

Course Access & Pro Instruction

You will spend 90 minutes each week with individual access and course instruction with Melanie Kasper, LiveJoy Academy founder, who has been a successful Life Coach for over 10 years. You will also receive a comprehensive course manual detailing the step by step process of becoming a certified Life Coach.

Principals & Techniques

Precise principles and techniques within the science of how the brain processes thoughts and how to teach and to demonstrate to others the ability to empower the mind and overcome personal self-imposed limitations.

A Psychological Understanding

Clear, core understandings in the psychology of emotions and what creates misery and joy.

Spiritual Truths & Learning

Spiritual truths of Identity, learning to see and experience who you really are and learning specific techniques to help others fight against the war of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, and fear.

The need is great right now.

There is a great, intensifying need right now to effectively support others caught in the whirlwind battle of negative feelings and self-condemnation!  So many in the world want something that will help live a happier life but they feel hopeless, drifting from one unhappiness to the next.  From one life crisis to another one.  Maybe you know exactly what that feels like.

Empowered to help others.

If you have had the impression that you want to and might be able to help others, come learn how to do it.  Become a certified Life Coach.    Live Joy Academy offers a complete Life Coach Certification course that is unique in its specific application of truths to recognize, release, and replace an individual’s restricting beliefs.

Life Coaching Workshops

life coach and mentor melanie kasper

About Melanie

liveJoy is the powerful, life-changing process of revealing and releasing negative thoughts and beliefs along with their restrictions and self-sabotaging challenges. Limiting beliefs are easily and quickly replaced with principles of truth and light, restoring the power of your true identity, providing greater personal freedom and allowing immediate access to peace and joy.

Melanie Kasper is a certified Life Coach, Mentor, and instructor who has been sharing her unique blend of skills and training over the past 15 years. Her practice, “live Joy Mentoring”, includes personal development training, group mentoring and workshop training classes.


” The live JOY workshop was extremely well organized and presented. Melanie is a wonderful facilitator and teacher with great insights for helping others learn how to heal themselves and others, using the gifts we have inside us ….”

Rob W.
live Joy Academy

“It’s tough to put into words the significance to my life and personal value I gained from the LiveJoy Academy courses. I will be reaping the benefits and using the skills I learned for the rest of my life. It has changed my perspective and so changed the way I approach every experience…!”

liveJoy Academy

“Melanie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is guided by the Spirit. Through this class, I have come to know my true self better and the gifts that I have been given”

H. L.
liveJoy Academy