The Eye of the Storm of Our Lives

All around us, today’s world seems to be trying to tell us we aren’t the ones in charge. Worldwide pandemics, civil unrest and changing political structures can leave us feeling afraid, confused and, worst of all, powerless over our own destinies.

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However, though these times are difficult to weather, they’re actually perfect opportunities to step back and focus on what kind of life we are creating in our minds, and thus experiencing every day. In a tempest, the most calm place to be is in the eye of the storm, right in the center – and so it can be in our lives. So how do we find that sense of peace?

“However, though these times are difficult to weather, they’re actually perfect opportunities to step back and focus on what kind of life we are creating in our minds”


We all know that positive thinking can improve our moods, but it comes with a caveat: if our deep, inner core beliefs aren’t based on truth, all the be-happy thoughts in the world will be nothing better than temporary Band-Aids. Think about it – people can tell us we’re valuable and we can be our own cheering sections, but if we don’t believe we’re of any worth, the words will be hollow echoes of what we dream of believing about ourselves. The life you are creating right now is a direct reflection of those core beliefs. If something in your life isn’t what you want it to be, can you begin to change by repairing impaired core belief with a stronger truth?


The instant you accept that you can adjust your core beliefs into personal strongholds, the principle of agency stops being intimidating and begins to be exciting. We are responsible for how we think, feel and act, and that isn’t overwhelming – it’s empowering! We aren’t slaves to the whims of the world or the actions of others; we are confident, competent individuals who choose how we think, create and react to life. Are you accepting the reins in your life, or are you letting someone (or something) else steer?


Armed with core beliefs anchored in truth and the certainty that we are active creators in our own stories, we can more clearly understand our emotions. Emotions are how we react to the vibrations of our thoughts, so if you’re feeling sad, you can link that emotion to the thought that caused the sadness. Is that thought based on truth? Does the thought reflect your truthful core belief, or does it need replacing with light and strength?


Finally, as you work on replacing false beliefs and unhelpful thoughts with truths, you will find that the energy you radiate will affect everything else in your life. It’s tempting to try and change the people and situations around you to make things better, but the truth is, the only person we are in charge of is ourselves. When we make positive changes, those around us will feel it and perhaps without even knowing it, change along with us. Based on truth, these changes can bring the real, lasting joy we’re looking for.

Life is going to continue to challenge us, but when we practice these principles of creation, we will find joy in every part of the journey.
Ask yourself……Are you creating the life you want to be living? 
If you don’t like the answer you get, come find out how to change it.
By Melanie Kasper

By Melanie Kasper

liveJoy Founder and Life Coach