Master Mentor Life Coach Certification Workshop

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Duration: 14 Weeks

You have a deep desire to serve others and you’re finally an officially certified life coach….Now what?

Now all the questions and challenges are showing up.
In this workshop, a Master mentor will actually support YOU in applying your knowledge to assist others in transforming their lives. As you’ve already learned, everything is easier and quicker with a mentor. In this 14-week workshop Melanie Kasper, Master Mentor, will walk you through the process of establishing your own Life Coach Practice.
This workshop provides support for business questions, personal challenges and overcoming the physical, mental and emotional opposition you face. This workshop also includes greater in-depth training to support others in their journey to change. Gain confidence and understanding while applying all you’ve learned and receive weekly continuing support and training while you’re in the process of coaching others. Learn the necessary details of what to do and what not to do. We learn from our own experiences and we can learn more quickly when we learn from someone else’s experiences. I’m excited to support you in becoming a Master Mentor.
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