English poet John Dryden said it very simply: “We first make our habits – and then our habits make us.”

Whether we realize it or not, with every decision we make, we are blazing the trails of our lives – literally. The neural pathways we use most in our brains – the things we do most often – become easier and easier to traverse. That’s fine if that well-traveled route is leading to a helpful destination, but if you’re wearing grooves into a path of negativity and complaining, you will soon find yourself so deep into the ruts that getting out will feel impossible.
The Well-Traveled Routes of Our Lives_livejoymentoring.com
So what trails are you forging today? Are you happy on a trail of mental positivity, or way too comfortable on the path of heavy darkness? Take time to honestly assess where you’re heading and make course corrections if needed. It’s never too late to take a different route – but you have to be the one to choose it.
By Melanie Kasper

By Melanie Kasper

liveJoy Founder and Life Coach