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live joy advanced workshop at
Live Joy Advanced Workshop
Come gather, learn, share, and power support our 2020 Advanced Clarity Graduate Class with continuing on-line workshops every Monday from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm.
$40 Monthly or $400 Yearly
life mentoring advanced workshop at

Life Mentoring Advanced Advanced Workshop

Receive continuing support, insights and additional training for all Faith-based Certified Life Coaches! Bring your questions and gain greater understanding of how to support and guide others in their desire for an empowered life.
$20 Monthly or $200 Yearly
intentional clarity advanced workshop at

Intentional Clarity Advanced Workshop

Enjoy even greater benefits of your advanced understanding in the Intentional Clarity Advanced Group monthly meeting! Receive support, wherever you are on your journey, with continued training, discussions and insights held on-line the first Friday of each month, 9:30am – 11:00am.
$20 Monthly or $200 Yearly
intentional creation advanced workshop at

Life Mentoring Advanced Advanced Workshop

You are the creator of your life. Whether you are creating intentionally or unintentionally is largely a result of the knowledge you have of the laws that govern creation. We are all unintentionally creating what we don’t want in our lives until we are trained on the laws of how to create what we do want.
$20 Monthly or $200 Yearly