Choose Your Path Wisely

Imagine yourself biking along a pretty, scenic path. It’s a popular trail, very well-worn, and the view at the end isn’t spectacular, but it’s pleasant. You, however, want to reach a beautiful waterfall some distance away. The problem is that you’ve heard the only way to get there is to follow a different trail, one you’ve never taken before. You aren’t sure how hard, or long, or bumpy the trail might be – but you think the end might be worth the effort. What will you do?

Choosing the right path in life

Most of us, if asked what we wanted out of life, wouldn’t say we dream of mediocrity, unhappiness or a sense of unworthiness. We want joy! We want light! We want adventure! And yet, we often feel those wonderful goals are out of reach. Why?”

“It’s because we’re riding on the wrong path.”

The problem is that the trail we take can become so comfortable that we forget it isn’t leading us where we want to go – or we even forget there’s a trail at all. “We are what we repeatedly do,” said philosopher Will Durant, and if our thoughts are wearing grooves into trails of self-doubt, negativity and fear, we eventually become so stuck in them that they become our literal reality, the lens through which we view our entire world.


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The “reticular activating system,” the filter between our conscious and subconscious minds, is designed to accept all thoughts until it’s trained on what to accept and what to reject. If we don’t actively filter out untruths and negativity, they will soon be all that we can see.

Thank goodness we can always choose to try a new trail, no matter how deep our wheels are mired in mud. The steps are simple:


If you feel unhappy about something, ask yourself why. What thoughts are driving those negative emotions?


Meditate on the things that you appreciate and that make you happy. Practice noticing them and work on finding more to add to the list.


Work on rejecting the negative thoughts and replacing them with uplifting, positive truths. Keep your eyes on the goal you want to reach.

So are you riding the trail that will take you where you want to go? Challenge yourself to see if you can improve on or change anything in your mind that isn’t serving your eventual goal. It might require sweat and tears, but when you reach the waterfall, every ounce of effort will have been worth it.

By Melanie Kasper

By Melanie Kasper

liveJoy Founder and Life Coach