How can I balance everything I have to do?

I’ll bet you’ve asked yourself that question more than once!
When I sit down to make my daily “to-do” list, my work to do ALWAYS exceeds my allotted 24 hours a day. And every day, when I carry over whatever isn’t done into the next overly scheduled 24 hours, I get more and more overwhelmed.  Let’s face it, in all my decades of trying, I have never ever even once accomplished ALL there is to do!
Actually, balance isn’t about doing everything.
It is not about doing everything for myself. It’s not about doing everything for everyone else. Balance is not about doing some things for others and some things for myself. It’s not even about figuring out what to do and what to leave undone.
In fact, balance has way less to do with “doing”, and everything to do with “being”.
To be precise, balance is really about… Being me, even when I am imperfect, Being respectful to myself and others, Being kind to everyone, including myself, Being loving and charitable, even when I feel disagreeable, Being present with whoever I am with at the moment and Being present in the present moment whether it’s happy or challenging.

Being out of balance is trying to live in the past or the future and attempting to make things happen that are outside of my control.

Our power exists only in being present in the present moment.

Because only in the present moment can I be still and receive God’s perfect understanding of my life.

When I finally stop trying to do everything I can do on my own and invite The Creator of worlds to direct the details of my life, I become very present and balanced.
I put limits on My Savior when I forget (or don’t believe) that He can and will direct my life, but He will only direct my day to day life IF I allow Him to.

Try inviting Christ to be your constant companion,
to be present with you in your present moment,
and experience the power of being balanced.

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.”

And as Christ becomes my personal life’s creator, He will show me “which” of all those things to do!

By Melanie Kasper

By Melanie Kasper

liveJoy Founder and Life Coach


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